31 Weeks Update & Birth Plan

As of today, I am 31 weeks pregnant. That means only 9 weeks left until we get to my due date. It honestly feels as if we JUST found out we were pregnant again.. But I am so excited time is not dragging by this time. I go for my OB appointment on Wednesday, and at the last appointment, they asked me to create this little thing called a birth plan. Me being as organized as I am, still had the birth plan we used with Landon. It actually went fairly well with him – so I believe we will be using it again. I spoke to one of the nurses in Labor & Delivery at the hospital we will be delivering at this time (yes, it’s a different hospital because I’m having to see actual high risk doctors this time) and I asked her some questions about our birth plan when I had to go to the assessment floor due to high blood pressure. She reassured me they would cooperate better than the hospital we had Landon at (and all in all, they didn’t do that bad of a job.. Just a few things I didn’t like). So, here’s our birth plan, and if any of the readers have questions our would like to give their feed back on their experiences or even their own birth plans – I’d LOVE to see it!!

Our Labor & Delivery Wishes

  • I prefer for the room to remain as calm as possible as I will be laboring while using hypnobabies. I also prefer to try for a natural labor, however if the need arises for pain medications, I prefer only an epidural to be administered.
  • I prefer for pitocin to be administered only if it is medically necessary. I also prefer NOT to have an episiotomy unless it is medically necessary as well.
  • I would prefer if I am able to walk around and change positions during contractions as I tend to deal with pain better that way. I would prefer a heplock instead of a full blown IV so that the IV cord can be clamped and removed for me to walk around for twenty minutes and then be back on the IV fluids for twenty minutes. As I hope to be moving around during labor, I wish to have twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off the fetal monitors unless there is a medical issue.
  • I prefer to have my husband, my cousin Shannon and my older sister Heather in the delivery room with me when it comes time to push.

Our Birth Wishes for Sydni Grace

  • Please delay cord clamping for 45 seconds. Also, we prefer for either Shannon or Heather to clamp the cord.
  • I prefer to be in the nesting area and for Sydni to stay in our room at all times except for medical procedures that must take place outside of our room.
  • Sydni will be started on Nutramigen Formula, as discussed with our pediatrician and geneticist due to the fact that she has a 25% chance of having Galactosemia. I will be breast pumping until her newborn screening tests come back in hopes that if she does not have Galactosemia we can begin breastfeeding.

So.. Feed back? Questions? Comments? Your or your partner’s birth plan? (:


30 Weeks & 5 Days

30 Weeks & 5 Days


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