Decisions, Decisions..

My due date is approaching fast – to be exact, I  have eight weeks and two days until she is expected to arrive. I have to be realistic about certain things – because we have the beach trip coming up.. and well, so much in May! I am a person who has to plan everything – budgets, shopping lists, budget scenarios, menu plans etc. I guess it’s one of my OCD’s. I have to be prepared for everything that could happen. Now, of course we have the baby shower coming up – and I do not expect all of the things on our registry’s to be bought. They weren’t with Landon and I do not expect it with Sydni, either. So, I have to make decisions. What decisions? Well, what about everything left on the registry after the baby shower? What do we need immediately, and what can wait until June for us to get?

Sydni will NOT be sleeping in the nursery straight away – she will be treated just as Landon has been treated. She will sleep in our room. We still have Landon’s bassinet – that is in perfect condition – and that will be her “bed” until she reaches fifteen pounds (or, like Landon.. starts trying to climb out of it). So, we technically do not need a crib for her right away, that is something that CAN be put off until later. Car seat? Well, Landon’s fixing to get a new convertible car seat, seeing as how he’s reaching the maximum weight and height limit for his infant car seat (finally!). Landon’s infant car seat is still in PERFECT condition – it’s never been in a wreck, nothing on it has been recalled (so far), and it has zero stains on it. So, Sydni’s car seat can be put off for a little while if needed. So.. as you see, ladies and gentlemen, that has knocked five things off of the registry & baby list – crib, crib mattress, crib bedding set, breathable bumper, and car seat. No, we’re not “skimping” we’re just being realistic about what needs to be done right away & what can be put off for a little while (:  And for those of you interested in seeing the registries, we are registered at Walmart  and Target.

If you happen to browse the registries, I’d love to hear some feedback!


Well, that’s all for now. I’ll probably be doing another post later this evening or tonight on our Beach Trip Packing List for a family of 6 & a woman who’s 34 weeks pregnant (; Leave me some feedback, please!




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