Upcoming Posts

Here’s a list of the definite upcoming posts I will be doing – this list does not mean it will be all that I’m posting, as I’m sure there will be posts in-between, but just to give you guys something to look forward to…



Sunday, April 27 – Stephanie’s Senior Prom Post (:

Saturday, May 3rd – Baby Shower Recap

Tuesday, April 29 – 36 week Update in Pregnancy

Tuesday, May 6 – 37 Week Update in Pregnancy

Monday, May 12 – 38 Week Update in Pregnancy

Wednesday, May 14 – Planning of Landon’s 1st Birthday!

Sunday, May 18– Landon’s First Birthday Party Post (: (with pictures, of course)

Monday, May 19 – 39 Week Update in Pregnancy

Tuesday, May 20 – Reflections on Landon’s First Year

Monday, May 26 – 40 week Update in Pregnancy

Saturday, May 31 – Stephanie’s High School Graduation Post (:


Other definite posts with dates not decided yet:

  • Labor & Delivery Post
  • The Craziness of a 9 month pregnant lady trying to naturally induce labor
  • The “Joys” of being pregnant in South Carolina in May (month may change – depends on if April is extremely hot or not)


I hope that gives you guys something to look forward to (: There MAY be a reflection/revisement on the birth plan – that will not be known until my next ob appointment (we’re supposed to go over it then). So, make sure you check that post out so you’re fully aware of what I’m talking about!





2 thoughts on “Upcoming Posts

  1. Thank you! I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now – and yes, I have a feeling there may be a few laughs to the post… Landon is ALL the time getting into things.. especially with him walking and just being so curious! I’m going to have to search youtube for those videos though!


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