My Typical Day

I normally wake up around 7:30 am. This is what I call “mommy solitary time”. What is “mommy solitary time”? That’s when Landon is still sleeping, my husband has just left for work, and my dad has yet to return from taking my sister to school. It’s peaceful. Don’t get me wrong – I love my family.. My son, husband, father, and sister. But this is one of the only times during the day where I don’t have anyone calling my name – “Shelby!” or “Shelby, can you..” and “Shelby, will you..” or “Shelby, how do I..” or “Shelby, get…” I am one person who is in high demand – you name it, Shelby can fix it, or do it, or write it. This time of day, is quite frankly.. Peaceful. Though, normally for about 15-20 minutes I use this time to go over everything that needs to be done that day in my head – laundry, what room in the house needs to be cleaned, who’s doing dishes tonight, what bills need to be paid (if any, that day).

Then, I get up. I quietly – VERY quietly – tip toe into the bathroom, and I start my morning routine:

-use the potty
-brush my teeth
-brush my hair & put it up
-get dressed

Then, I tip toe out of the bedroom and into the living room – normally, by this time, my father has returned from taking my sister to school. I sit on the other couch, and we normally talk about the day ahead. I drink my sprite, and then.. Around 8:30am Landon wakes up. This is where the fun begins…

I go into the room, pick him up.. Instantly, I feel a dirty diaper. 98% of the time, the first diaper of the day is a wet diaper. I change him, get him dressed, and take him into the living room. I put him inside his walker and he starts terrorizing the house – literally. He acts like he’s in the Daytona 500 with the way he moves his walker! I get together his breakfast – which, normally consists of Gerber’s Blueberry Puffs, Cheerios, Gerber Apple Slices, and fresh slice bananas. After I have it all together, I put him inside his highchair.. And I end up having to slide everything off the plate onto the highchair tray.


IMG_0804IMG_0805 IMG_0811









After he finishes his breakfast (which, by the way, 30% of his breakfast ends up on the floor!!), he’s normally ready for an 8 ounce bottle. So, I give it to him.. and he takes a mini nap around 10:30 (yes, it takes him that long to eat his breakfast.. between watching Dora & teasing the dogs, it takes him THAT long…)

I normally start laundry – folding clothes currently in the dryer, and putting another load in the washer. By the time I finish folding, Landon’s back awake. I bring him back out into the living room with me & my dad, and he plays (…more like terrorizes) with the inside dogs (which are small dogs – and VERY well behaved with him, surprisingly…). I put the child gate up, blocking his access into the kitchen (which normally results in him furiously baby babbling at me (furiously, mind you). I try my best to do dishes – and then…


Diaper time.

This one, by the way, is NOT a wet only diaper. So.. that’s an adventure. I lay Landon down on our bed.. clean his behind, and right after I clean him up.. guess what he does, still naked? He ROLLS OVER and then stands up really fast and tries to walk off the side of the bed..


Yeah, that’s great, kid.


By this time, after chasing him, doing mild housework, I’m exhausted. I take him inside the room with me (on a typical day) and lay down. I don’t go to sleep, just lay down. Some days, he does good.. lays there and smiles up at me… Other days, he will not have anything to do with cuddling with mommy. 😦 But, here are pictures of last week when he was actually willing to cuddle with me:


IMG_0663 IMG_0669  IMG_0673IMG_0672



















After we lay down, normally I play with him for a little while. It’s amazing how quickly he learns and how quick he picks up on things. He mimics me a lot – especially when I say “No” “Stop” “Landon”. After we play for a little bit, he gets fussy. FUSSY. Very fussy. Which means, it’s time for his “lunch”. Sweet potato gerber puffs, and gerber grabbers diced carrots.


IMG_0816 IMG_0819








By this time, my grandmother comes down to get him. 98% Of the time, it’s after I’ve already made his bottle. So.. he goes to her house.. And this happens EVERY day. After his lunch, he goes to her house. She comes down, takes him.. whether I really wanted her to or not. Don’t get me wrong- I love my grandmother dearly.. and she is a HUGE help with Landon, especially with me being in my third trimester.. I just wish I’d get a call asking me first. So, with Landon gone.. I am able to complete my list of “to-do’s” Which, quite frankly.. takes me forever. He’s normally up at her house by 1:30ish..

So what does this mommy to be of two do?

Laundry. Let me tell you right now – I HATE LAUNDRY. I’m okay with washing it.. but the folding.. I HATE IT.. but.. it’s a task that must be done..

In between loads, I’ll start dishes. Another thing I despise – dishes. When I’m not pregnant, I don’t really mind it.. but when I am… it’s horrible. It hurts my back and my feet.. and me and my dad get into it a lot about the way I do them.. And I’m sorry – the way I do them makes them sparkle & shine better than anyone else in the house who does it.. so I will continue to do things MY way…

By the time I’m done with dishes, my feet are a little swollen.. so I’ll go sit with dad & watch whatever he’s watching and drink a ton of water & then another thing of sprite. Once I feel a little better – and the lower back pain is gone, that’s when the “fun” begins….




Remember my throwback post about how I cleaned the night before I went to the hospital to have him and how I’m o.c.d.? I’m very specific when it comes to cleaning..


I start at the end of the house – which is mine and Jerry’s bathroom. I open the windows, put on my gloves, and put on my mask.. and get to work. Why all the equipment? Because of the chemicals I clean with – I’m sorry.. the “natural” and “green” cleaners just don’t do the job I need them to do. Bathroom cleaning products consist of:

Lysol Multi Surface

Lysol Bathroom Cleaner.


Clorox Spray (I can’t remember if it’s a multi surface or what)


And Ajax .


I start off with the toilet – sprinkle some A-Jax in there, use the toilet wand to scrub, and then flush. After that, I sprinkle more inside and let it sit. I then use the clorox and clean the outside of the toilet. Of course, my eyes are burning, but that’s where the open bathroom window comes into play. Then.. I get inside the tub and scrub it with the clorox & lysol. Sparkley-clean. I use the windex & spray the mirrors above my bathtub as well as the vanity mirror. And then.. I take a five minute break. After the break, I get to the floors – pine-sol. I love the smell of it – it smells SO clean and fresh. And then I move onto our room.


Dirty clothes get picked up and put inside the hampers. Landon’s toys get disinfected. Clothes folded & put away.. nightstands cleared off.. Diaper Organizer is re-organized.. Dressers, nightstands, and TV are all cleaned off and wiped off. Then.. of course, the floor. Swept & mopped. I then get back to laundry – fold a load, and put one in the dryer & one in the washer. Yep.. I do a lot of laundry… Kitchen gets swept, counters get sprayed down and wiped off with Lysol, oven and fridge the same. I then mop after I put the dishes away..


Living room.

I hate this room – I do. It’s the room with the most traffic.

I sweep the floor.. and then I use the windex on the coffee table glass, and both windows, and also the curio cabinet. I wipe off Dad’s plasma, and then I spray down the buffet, end tables, entertainment center, picture frames, and fireplace with a multi surface cleaner and wipe them all down. I get the febreeze heavy duty fabric re-freshener (due to the fact that we DO have inside dogs and they’re all the time on both couches) and spray down the couches and window curtains. I fluff out the couch pillows, pick up any and all trash I see, and then I’m able to mop the floor. That takes care of the living room…


I don’t have to clean the nursery – because no one goes in there right now.

Steph’s room does not get cleaned by me – she cleans it on Saturdays.

Dad & Steph’s bathroom is cleaned by dad unless he asks me to do it.


So, I’m done for the day.


Guess what time I normally finish? Can ya take a guess?


5:45pm. Yes, it takes me THAT long to finish.


My sister comes home in the middle of my cleaning – normally I’ve just finished in our bedroom. She feeds the outside dogs, and then goes straight to her room so she doesn’t get in my way (we’ve had it out about that a few times before…). Dad has normally started dinner by the time I’m done with the living room, so I think I have a break..




Nanny comes home with Landon. Which, I obviously don’t mind because he is my child. And so, we relax together. I play with him and watch a movie with him in the living room – thinking my duties are over with for the night other than mommy duties. Nope..


“Shelby, can you fill this form out?”
“Shelby, can you look at this letter I got?”
“Shelby, will you go with me to the store..”

“Shelby, your sister needs..”


It never stops. NEVER. I hear my name 100x a day and it gets boring – I’ve THREATENED to change my name probably a dozen times…

Landon’s normally going haywire when he gets home from my grandmothers.. and so.. I try to calm him down by feeding him galactosemic safe pasta with tomato sauce.. he loves it [: but it’s a total mess…


1912535_624620037606821_299043904_n 1972448_624620040940154_1369721205_n












Jerry is normally home by 7:30pm-ish. Which is normally around the time I lay Landon down for a bottle. Him coming home reminds me I haven’t ate dinner yet – so I normally try my best to eat something (key word is try). It’s not that I don’t eat.. I just don’t eat big meals.. I snack throughout the day.. In my father & husband’s word – I literally eat like a bird. My husband, my father & I normally talk about our days and whatever interesting popped up.. and then.. Jerry & I go inside our room around 8:30pm-ish.


Guess what?

Landon is wide awake.


So, we play with him.. that does NO good..

Jerry suggests we let him cry it out.. which, is quite frankly, something I do not believe in.

So that does NOT happen.

We’ll talk to him from our bed when he’s inside the pack and play.. he’ll get up and walk around it.. and then.. finally.. after a while, he falls asleep around 10:45ish.

Jerry falls asleep shortly after that.


I’m up. Until about.. uhh.. 2am? Sometimes later..


And then the day starts over.






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