Always and Forever.

Pregnancy causes certain hormones – emotional ones, at that. I’ve been in a sappy mood this week – and honestly, I don’t remember being this sappy when I was pregnant with Landon. So.. I feel like it’s as good a time as ever to reflect on my marriage.

Let’s start with how Jerry and I met..
I had been working at an answering service – the company he worked for back then was one of our clients. You know that saying “I’ve loved you from the moment I said hello?” Believe it or not – it worked that way. I was dispatching a call to him.. and the first time I heard his voice, let’s just say it stayed with me. And then a few weekends passed, and I really did want to ask him out on a date – but because of my job I couldn’t.. and then one weekend I put in a friend’s number wrong. I texted it, and guess what? It was his number! I’m not lying about it – that’s exactly how it happened.  We started talking.. and then we realized who each other were.. and next thing you know, we started dating… And my mother loved him from the moment she met him. I think we had been dating for a total of four days and she told him on the phone “Jerry, I’ve already got her wedding dress in the back of my closet – so you guys can go up to city hall any time soon.” I remember thinking.. “Really mom?” Surprisingly, he didn’t get freaked out.. He laughed. He loved her instantly, as well. A month into the relationship, we moved in together. We’ve been together since March 14, 2011. That’s one day I will NEVER forget. I met my forever love, my best friend. We’ve been through so much together – from the house catching on fire three months into our relationship, to losing mom, to going through so much with our son.. And we’ve held through. The best thing in the world is..we’ve been together for three years total, and I still catch him looking at me like he did the first time he ever saw me – three years later. Our relationship has never been completely perfect – but the thing about it is, it’s perfectly imperfect to us.

Losing my mom was very hard – for both of us. Our wedding day, without my mother, was hard. I remember thinking that whole day – HOW am I going to get through this? Yes, I was marrying my best friend.. But it didn’t feel right without my mother there. I got dressed that day – headed to the church – and everything seemed to fall into play. I walked down the aisle to “I Can Love You Like That” by John Michael Montgomery – and guess what? The moment he saw me – the look on his face and the tears in his eyes… that told me everything I needed to know. Five minutes into the ceremony – our preacher said some kind words I’d written for my mom.. And we had a moment of silence for her. I remember our wedding photographer telling me afterwards that during that moment? She’d felt chills run down her spine.. Like she could feel my mother’s spirit there with us and that was the most awesome feeling she’d ever felt at any wedding she’d gone to.

Almost two years later – and we’re closer than ever. My husband and I have an age difference – twenty two years to be exact – but love isn’t a number. He knows me better than I know myself – and honestly, I love that. He’s my protector, my best friend, my soul mate. And just to give you guys something sweet to read.. Here’s our vows…



When I first met you, I had given up on love and everything that goes with it.. but you made me believe again. As we begin a new chapter in our lives as husband and wife, I promise whatever happens, you will not walk alone. I promise to always be faithful to you. I promise to forever love you , forever respect you, and forever support you. Today, and for the rest of my life.. I promise to always do my best to protect you from any storm that comes our way.. and I promise to always be your best friend. Always and forever.




God blessed me the day he had me text that wrong number, and I am forever thankful for that day. Because that day, I didn’t just find my soul mate, I found my best friend. Because through this year, not only have we been each other’s partner.. we have been each other’s best friend..and I believe that’s what has brought us this far – because you see.. true love isn’t just about being each other’s lover.. it’s being there for each other no matter what and always working through the fights.. and never letting go. The past year we have been together has been filled with both good times and dark times.. and some of the darkest moments we’ve lived through together have also been ones where our love has proven to be pure..true.. and never failing. I know the stormy days we will encounter and the trials we may face in the future will only ever make us stronger. Because today and for the rest of my life, I promise to never let go of you and to never let go of our love. I promise to never take you or your love for granted, and to always be faithful to you. I promise to always encourage you, and to always respect you. I promise that I will always love you, through the good times and the bad.. and most importantly, I promise to forever stand by your side and to continue being your best friend. Always and forever.


Almost two years later, and not a single vow broken. He is a good man, a good husband, and an amazing father. ❤ So.. there’s my sappy post for the week.. And.. some pictures FROM the wedding:




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