Back From Vacation!

So sorry for my lack of posts! It’s been hectic – from preparing for the beach to being at the beach. I figured once I got to the beach, I’d have SOME sort of WiFi – but guess what? We didn’t. L I was going to post the packing post – but honestly? It was a disaster – OKAY, maybe that’s over exaggerating.. We still managed to take everything EXCEPT Landon’s walker – but it was pretty cramped in the rental car – it would’ve been SO much better if we’d taken an SUV to the beach.

The drive down there wasn’t so bad – we had planned on leaving at 11:30 but instead, we left at 10:30.. Too many people were impatient in my house (haha). The drive down was okay – we stopped a total of six times and it took us 5 ½ hours. It was pretty cold at the beach – and windy. First day, we went out to Shoney’s – and let me say this.. I will NEVER go back there again when I go to Myrtle Beach in the future. The four of us (me, dad, Jerry, and Stephanie) all had the buffet – guess what the total ended up being? 75.00$!!! That was outrageous – considering our waitress was HORRIBLE – she never checked on us, when I asked her a question about two of the food items to see if it was safe for Landon to eat, she was VERY aggravated that I even waved her down – she never EVER refilled our drinks.. And yet.. Due to the way Shoney’s taxed everything, she still got her tip. And no, quite frankly.. After her being so rude and inconsiderate, especially when I pulled out Landon’s Gerber Banana Puffs to feed him (yes, she had something to say about that, because she noticed it when she finally came to give us the bill) I was NOT about to tip her – at all! If the woman didn’t want to work that day – she should’ve called out. If she didn’t like her job and was going to take it out on the people she served – she should find another one. It was a VERY horrible experience – but thankfully, that did not damper our night.

Of course, we had an early night – we were all tired after the 5 ½ hour drive. Thursday morning – it was so much better. I woke up around seven A.M. – went down to the beach with my sister & found a couple of seashells we liked. After that, we all headed out for Breakfast. This time? We went to Ihop. Such a more pleasant experience!! From the girl at the cash register – to the lady who seated us – to our waitress.. The staff was so professional and friendly!! Everyone ate Landon up – and within five minutes of us being seated; Dad, Jerry & Stephanie had already figured out what they wanted to order. Me? Nope – it took me 20 minutes to make my mind up (honestly, I wanted to order the whole menu – instead, I ordered the strawberry banana French toast – YUM!) I asked the lady who seated us – who was SO nice – if their pancakes or French toast were dairy free (trying to find something for Landon to eat) She checked with the cook and got back to me within five minutes of me asking – unfortunately, their mixes contain dry milk, which is on Landon’s “No-No” list. She did, however, kindly suggest ordering a side of banana (which was already cut up, by the way! (: ) So, we went with that option. Landon enjoyed his banana – and everyone else enjoyed what they had ordered. It was so good – up until Thursday, I had never ate at Ihop before, but I had such a pleasant experience. Our Waitress checked on us 7 times – and she was so friendly each time she did. Ihop taxed their food the same way – with the waitress’ tip involved in the bill – our total was 44.82 all together, and even though we knew the waitress got a tip out of the bill, we still left her a twenty (: She was just so nice, and I made sure to speak to the manager before leaving to inform him of how pleased I was with the service.

Leaving Ihop we went to one of the beach shops – it was just too cold and well.. Honestly, I left my hoodie at the house – and I needed one. The store we stopped at had a “buy one get one free” sign, so I got two – one for me, one for Stephanie – that cost 37.95! Sheesh.. I guess it could’ve been worse, though. We went back to the hotel & I took a nap.. And then around 1:30 we all headed down to the beach. Landon LOVED it. We didn’t leave until 4 – and my poor Landon bug was TIRED – and quite frankly, I was too. I slept for the rest of the day – to be truthful.. I woke up around 9pm and stayed up until 10:30pm.. Then I was back up at 7:30am Friday morning. Friday morning.. Things got a little bad. L

Weather was horrible – cold and rainy. Our family members joined us around noon – and we all went down to the heated pool. Landon enjoyed it.. And well, that’s pretty much how the rest of our two days were in Myrtle Beach. Cold and Rainy. Only one thing made a difference – contractions and pelvic pressure. From 5pm Friday afternoon until this morning at 7am – I was having contractions every 20 minutes.. I wasn’t alarmed too much because they never got closer together – I made my mind up last night, however, that if they continued when we were leaving, I was going to go to the hospital once we got back home (of course, unless they got closer together or my water broke.. Hospital trip would have been sooner then). Thankfully, when I woke up this morning, I had ZERO contractions and I haven’t felt any at all today. Pelvic Pressure? Tons – I honestly feel as if she’s fixing to punch my waters…Thankfully, I have an appointment on Tuesday. Unless something happens between now and then, I will discuss it with my doctor when I see him. We woke up at 7am and was on the road by 9:30am – thankfully, the trip back was NOT as long as the trip there – 3 ½ hours total. On the way back, I had to stop at the Walmart outside of Conway to get Landon a paci – because apparently, we accidentally misplaced his.. And well.. I almost gave my dad a heart attack considering I had to do TWO u-turns on the hwy to get to walmart.. But this Momma was going to get her baby a paci! I was inside walmart a total of 3 minutes – and within those three minutes, by the time I got back to the car (I had already taken one of the Paci’s out of the package, by the way, ready to hand it over to him) Landon was amused by an apple juice bottle and had calmed down – go figure.

It was nice to come home – I mean, don’t get me wrong – I loved getting away and quite frankly, my husband REALLY needed this trip (and it honestly did him some good to get away).. But I missed my house and our dogs.. We WILL be going back to Myrtle Beach – but we probably will find a different hotel to stay at.

Happy Easter everyone – remember, HE is the reason for today ❤ God Bless!





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