Baby Sister’s Senior Prom

Ahhh… I honestly can’t believe how fast time has flown – my [baby] sister will be graduating at the end of May! This past Saturday she had her senior prom – and it took me five hours to do her hair, makeup, and nails. It was worth it though – the end result was awesome. Last year, for her junior prom it took me six hours with everything.. so at least I was able to cut this year’s time down by an hour (HOW I managed that one, I honestly have NO idea..).


I still can’t believe she’s graduating high school – and that she’ll be going to college in the fall. I’m very nervous about this because of how she is in general.. but.. one thing we ALL decided (even before Mom passed) was that we would NEVER hold her back from experiencing life.. so.. the whole family will be going through a transition phase when it comes time for her to move into her dorm in the Fall. I’m nervous, excited, and sad at the same time. She’s growing up so fast 😦 But I am very proud of who she has become – and I know our mom is too. Here’s a few pictures from Saturday!




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