Southern Potato Salad Recipe

Potato Salad

Potato Salad


This is a favorite of mine – and my family’s – especially around Summer time with all of the BBQ’s and cookouts. I learned it from my mom.. figured I’d share it for those who do not know the recipe (:


It’s fairly easy to make – and it’s normally gone as quick as I make it (haha). This recipe yields a lot – so just keep that in mind (:



10 potatoes, peeled

6 eggs

Duke’s Mayonaise

French’s Mustard

Salt & Pepper

Sweet Salad Cubes



Boil your potatoes – until they’re falling apart. Boil your eggs (with salt in the water). After eggs are boiled, and your potatoes are falling apart, drain the water out. Put potatoes inside a large mixing bowl – shell your eggs & then crush the shelled eggs up with your hands and place them with the potatoes. Add mayonaise & mustard (use judgement, try and add an even amount to start off with – add half a jar of sweet salad cubes & a dash of salt and pepper. Combine ingredients until mixed well & creamy – taste, add more mustard, mayonaise, salt, and pepper if needed. (:




That’s it! See? Fairly simple. Keep watching the blog – I’ll be posting a pregnancy update later today since I went to the doctors earlier (:





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