State of the Baby Making Machine – 38 weeks, 4 Days

Hey guys! Sorry I’m so late with this post – it’s been a rough week for me. Thankfully, my blood pressure has become “stable” – it’s still NOT in the exact normal range, but it’s not as high as it was last week. That is one good thing. I’m still at 1cm dilated, 0% effaced and a station of -2. Honestly? I think I’m going to decline anymore cervical checks – just knowing I’m still at 1cm dilated is aggravating me. Yes, I know I’m only 38 weeks but.. I’ve been having contractions ALL week long and NOTHING has changed.. NOTHING. Not even after the membrane sweep I had on Monday. 😦 I ended up having to go to the hospital today because I hadn’t felt Sydni move since 8pm Thursday night – they picked up her heart rate time they put the monitor on me, however her heart rate was high so they kept me for a while… thankfully, her heart rate came down and I was released back home.


Doctor is wanting to induce next week – but depending on my blood pressure and how Sydni looks on Monday, I will most likely decline the induction. Honestly, this is when I start going crazy – I’m at the stage where I’m over being pregnant (so to speak).. because, honestly? There’s not a patient bone in my body.. Patience is NOT one of my virtues.. and it never has been. I was going to do a post about being pregnant in May in South Carolina (haha, which would have been a crazy one at that if the weather was ANYTHING like it was last year) however, for some reason.. South Carolina has NOT been as hot as it was this time last year. How do I remember this? Because – this time last year when I was pregnant with my son…. it was incredibly hot. I mean, upper 90’s and low 100s.. that is NOT the case this time though. For instance, the high today was 77 degrees.. which is incredibly low for this time of year. It’s been like that for most of the week, actually.. and I’m NOT complaining.


So, remember all of that weight gain? I lost ALL of that weight – plus some. So.. within a week I lost umm… 12/13 pounds? Doctor believes it was all of the swelling..


I’m so anxious for her to get here =/ And, by the way.. nothing tastes right.. nothing is appealing (food wise)… and oh, nothing fits. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who is willing to help out with things (like shaving my legs…)


Landon’s ear drum has repaired itself – so that’s been a BIG relief.. I can’t believe my little man will turn 1 on Tuesday.. and we will be having his party on Sunday. I’ll be doing two more posts this weekend, so keep a watch out.



My "Tigger" (Landon)

My “Tigger” (Landon)




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