A Letter to Landon



Your first birthday is here – or it will be in a few days. You are the most precious miracle God could have ever given us – our little fighter, my superman. You have accomplished miracles in the past year – and overcome obstacles many thought you would not overcome. You have been walking for almost four months now – and you [finally] have teeth coming in. You weigh twenty two pounds, and you have a smile that could make even the meanest grouch in the world smile back. I could listen to your laughter all day long – and normally I do. You are always ALWAYS on go – and you definitely have my temper. You have your fathers eyes, and my nose.. God has blessed us with being your parents – and I am so proud to be your mother. You have learned a lot over the past year – but as you have learned and grown, I have as well. Having you changed me – and just by being your mother.. I learn something new every day. You have taught me so many things in the past twelve months, I can’t even put everything into words. I wanted to become a mother because I wanted to be a part of a child’s journey through life – I wanted to see them grow, learn, develop..I wanted to teach a child things I knew.. that my parents and my family had taught me, and guide them through life. I wanted to be there for the nightmares, and the boo-boo’s, and the bed time stories.. I wanted to become a mother so that after I guided the child through life, I would know that I helped them become the person they will become.. Honestly though? I didn’t really know all of my answers to why I wanted to become a mom – until you. Holding you that first time, hearing your first cry, being there with you every day at that hospital.. I knew that I was MEANT to be there. Ever since the day you were born.. my heart walks outside of my body..I will make mistakes as your parent – and in a few years.. there will be times where you will think you hate me.. but I will ALWAYS put your best interest first.. No matter what happens, you and your sister will ALWAYS come first. I want you to know how loved you are – you are the center of our lives, and your dad & I would not have it any other way.

I love you now.
I love you forever.
I love you always.

Love, Mom.


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