Landon’s First Birthday Party

Maybe it’s because of how much time Landon spent in the hospital after he was born, but I can’t believe my sweet precious baby will be one tomorrow. We celebrated his birthday yesterday with a small (okay – it wasn’t small.. but it was all family members) birthday party – and it was a success. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but given all circumstances, it was a success.


I can’t even begin to explain my emotions about Landon turning one. We went through so much with him – from the pregnancy issues to the issues that came up after he was born. Landon has overcome a lot of odds that were thrown against him – and I know that was all because of the grace of GOD. I still remember everything as if it was yesterday – including the brain surgery. The neurosurgeon met with Jerry and I right before the craniotomy took place and told us that the surgery would take a while, that he would be on a ventilator straight after – and that he would be in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit anywhere from one week to more (it just depended on him). It was scary when they gave me one of the updates that Landon had to have a blood transfusion during surgery – he’d lost a lot of blood so they’d had to replace it. While I knew this was normal for surgery, just hearing it about my precious son broke me even more.. Landon came out of surgery.. no ventilator. He was able to breathe without help. He was in the PiCu for a total of fourteen hours. Our pediatrician told us a month after that he would have severe delays and possibly even mental retardation – Landon was far from any of that. He has hit the major milestones earlier than most children.. and he is a very bright, smart, and very sweet young boy.


His birthday is tomorrow.



One thought on “Landon’s First Birthday Party

  1. Lovely pictures and Happy B-day to the little guy!

    I found your blog through bloggy moms, and I would like to extend you an invitation to Blog of the Month Busy Mom Monologues. This is a great way to get your blog out there. Here is the link if you are interested:


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