What is in Our Hospital Bags?

So, we’re just five days shy of my due date!! Hospital bags are packed & ready to go, all we are waiting for is Sydni [: I pretty much packed the same stuff we packed for Landon’s arrival – minus a few items here and there. Sorry for no  pictures in this post, I don’t feel like dragging everything back out again, lol. So.. what exactly IS in our bags?



Labor & Delivery Bag:

Hair Ties & Headband – This came in handy with Landon’s delivery! Gotta have all of my hair out of my face for the big show!

Blue Gatoraide – We discussed this with my OB & he okayed it. With Landon, I had ice chips and water.. Barely did anything for me really. I’ve got three of the small bottles packed (: I’m hoping that is all I will need!

Belvita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits – My favorite snack – and again, okayed with the OB. I’ve only got like.. two packs of them anyway in the bag, so.. it really won’t be that much of a difference.

Jolly Ranchers – It got REALLY old quick sucking on Ice when I was in labor with Landon – I would’ve had these to suck on last time if it hadn’t been for DH eating them all beforehand… (:

Ipod & Headphones with Hypnobabies Soundtrack – ❤ Will definitely be doing this again

Birthing Ball & Birthing Ball Blow Up “Thing” – I’m not sure if this hospital carries them or not, I know the hospital I delivered Landon at had NONE, so I will be bringing my own.

Camera with Rechargeable Batteries – This is a must, for obvious reasons.

Laptop & Charger – If it wasn’t for the fact that my labor with Landon took TWENTY FOUR HOURS, I would probably have this in the hospital stay bag category.. but just incase.. I’m going to have to have something to keep my mind occupied other than walking around, bouncing on the birth ball, AND my hypnobabies.



Post Partum Bag

4 Pairs of Underwear (a size bigger than normal) – Honestly, I used my own underwear after Landon & they worked great. I used the hospital’s pads with them, and I had NO issues.. so I will be doing this again.

Shampoo & Conditioner, Bodywash & Loofa, Two towels – My favorite part after delivery (other than snuggling with Landon of course!) was a shower. Yes, a shower. It felt so nice afterwards (: The hospital towels are hard, small and scratchy.. so I will be bringing two of my own from home (especially if DH is able to stay the night with us & wants to take a shower) I’ve got my shampoo & conditioner and body wash, plus his.. so we’re covered (:

Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouthwash – MUST.

Straightener & Hair Dryer – Yes, after I took my first shower after I had Landon – I blow dried AND straightened my hair.. many visitors were surprised, but.. hey.. I felt AWESOME.

Make-Up Bag– I will NOT be taking my whole cosmetic collection with me – but I will be taking my favorite (and long lasting) foundation, concealer, and eyeliner.

Stretch Pants & Tanktop – This is a must – I’m taking three pairs of each.. one for lounging around in, one for the day or two inside the hospital, and one for the trip home.

Sandals – I’m not a big flats person unless its open toes and etc – so I will be bringing my flip flops (:

Hoodie – I was unnaturally cold after I had Landon, so I’m being prepared and bringing my hoodie again

Change of Clothes for DH – Again, just in case he is able to stay the night with us this time.

Breast Pump & Storage Bags – Since we will not be able to breast feed Sydni until we find out for sure if she has Galactosemia or not, I will be pumping to keep up my supply. We’re hoping that the first test (other than the Newborn Screening) we do comes back within three days – we’ll just have to see though. We’ll turn my hospital room’s fridge into a freezer though, and DH will bring a cooler with ice to put everything in when he comes to pick us up


Baby Bag!

4 Outfits, Caps, Mittens, Paci, 1 Blanket.




Everything on here, I used with Landon.. and the “snacks” + gatoraid has been approved by the OB..


So, everything is ready to go.. just waiting on her!!




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