Sydni Grace||Birth Story

Sydni Grace Has Arrived!

I know I am super late with this – it’s been almost a month, but our little girl arrived on May 30, 2014 at 12:35pm! It has been a little rough the past couple weeks, but I actually have a moment today to update you all (:

I went in on Tuesday, May 27 at 40 weeks and 1 day. No changes – at all. Not with dilation or effacement, nadda. Anyways, my blood pressure was high again & there was some protein detected in my urine.. So.. The doctor and I discussed inducement. We set it up for me to go to the hospital Thursday (May 29th). I was very nervous about the way they planned on inducing me – cytotec.

Stop right there.

Before you do what I did and start googling the prescription, let me just say there are a lot of scary things out there. A LOT! It also didn’t help the fact that my grandmother had mentioned the Sunday before that she was dreaming about naked people – wait a minute, what does THAT have to do with me being induced with this scary medication? Well, everyone in my family knows that 90% of the time if my grandmother is dreaming about naked people… someone usually dies. Sometimes it’s a relative or family friend, or just someone she knew long long ago. Either way, it did not ease my mind knowing what I’d read online about this prescription.. I think I called my doctors nurse three times at least to ask her if my doctor had ever lost a patient using the medication – thankfully, the answer was no. The only reason they had to use it for my inducement though was because my cervix hadn’t softened at all.



We got to the hospital that Thursday night at 8:30.. Our night shift nurse was okay. In the beginning, it was just me & Jerry & my sister Stephanie.. Shannon followed shortly after. By the time she arrived, I still hadn’t started  the induction process because of our nurse.. Well.. FINALLY at 10pm that night, the first half of the cytotec was inserted. Everything was fine. After laying there for thirty minutes to let it dissolve, I was able to move around. I pretty much stayed on the birthing ball.. Four hours later, they did a check & I was at 3cm but NO effacement.. So they inserted another pill.. The contractions started getting worse..and with the cytotec they really are worse verses being induced by pitocin.. I broke and I did get a dose of the nubain. I really was set on not having any pain medicine.. But of course.. Things happened another way. I stayed on the birthing ball, like before.. Hours went by, and my father & Toot showed up right before I was to be checked again.. They checked me at 6:15 and I was 3cm dilated, 80% effaced.. So, they switched it from cytotec to just pitocin.. That’s when my cervical checks went from every 4 hours to every 2 hours.. I did pretty good with the pain.. Stayed on the birthing ball, talked to Jerry, Toot & Shannon.. 8 o’clock came.. We met our new nurse (dayshift) and I was not pleased with her at all. She was not that nice of a person – and in my mind, she shouldn’t even work for labor and delivery (let alone be a nurse at all..) The moment she walked into the room, it was made clear by her actions and what she said that she wanted my delivery to be on HER time.. Which was NOT okay.  She went as far as saying “The doctor will break your water soon – I’ll ask her to..“ I had discussed my birth plan with MY doctor & the resident who was taking call for him during the day, they BOTH were completely fine with it. The only thing I really had to give up was being OFF the monitors for 20 minutes and then back on for 20 minutes (but with all of that scary stuff I’d read already on cytotec, I really didn’t mind giving that up.. Besides, the birthing ball didn’t interfere with the monitors that much..) Unlike our night nurse, our day shift nurse made it clear she didn’t like me being on the birthing ball – in fact, she complained to the resident- but the resident who came in at 8am (who had already talked to my doctor about my birth plan)  told her she was perfectly okay with it & that she and our doctor  had talked about me being on the birthing ball & that they wanted me to try and get the birthing experience I wanted despite me being induced..

The resident  checked me & I was still the same (no progress) and mentioned that she may break my water at 11am. I asked the resident if we could possibly hold off on breaking my water until around four in the afternoon because I really wanted to try and wait until it broke on its own – thankfully, she said she had no issue waiting until four. A few hours pass by, and the contractions get worse.. Honestly, I became the exorcist. Toot videotaped me during some of my exorcist moments – and let me just say, I couldn’t even watch past the first couple seconds of the videos. Ontop of me just being upset from being in pain, the nurse kept upsetting me and it felt like every time she stepped into the room we would have to talk to her about us not breastfeeding. She kept bringing it up after we told her (time she started her shift, might I add..) that we were unable to breastfeed due to Landon having Galactosemia so I would be pumping..  The first time, I calmly reminded her “We can’t breastfeed – my son has galactosemia and we can’t breast feed Sydni until her newborn screening test comes back.. Until then, we want her on Nutramigen.” Well.. How about she didn’t even know what a newborn screening test was?!

It got old quick.. At 11am.. My water broke on its own.. I was so happy.. I felt a pop & then all of a sudden there was a big gush of fluid everywhere.. I was like “OMG, MY WATER BROKE!” And Toot didn’t believe me (haha) and made me get out of bed.. I got out of bed and he saw the water and he was like “That’s it? I thought it’d be a flood..” It would’ve been funnier – you just had to be there. I had to go to the bathroom, and when I came out of the bathroom, that’s when the contractions REALLY started to become excruciating. I got on the birthing ball to try and keep my mind off it – like I‘d done before. However, the contractions were hurting so bad that Jerry had to help me off the birthing ball and back into the bed. Finally, twenty  minutes later, after I started crying I said ‘Screw it, I want the epidural.” Well.. The nurse got snotty & said that the anesthesiologist was in an emergency c-section and I would have to wait.. And I was like “Okay.. That’s fine..” So we waited.. And waited.. And I started feeling a lot of pelvic pressure.. Like I did when it was time to get Landon to crown.. That’s when the nurse walks in with the anesthesiologist’s nurse.. They start to prepare to clean my back off and I was being hit with contractions one after another (no relief, at all, and it felt like every damned bone in my body was breaking..) I told them I wanted a doctor to come in and check me because something was not right.. The nurse didn’t believe me.. I started screaming at her to get a doctor in to check me & thankfully the chief resident was walking by the room at that time & she came in to check me.. I was at 6cm, 90 % effaced.. Well, as she’s leaving, the anesthesiologist walks in.. that’s when Toot & Shannon had to leave the room so I could get the epidural.. They bent me over, and undid my gown.. Cleaned my  back off.. And they put the epidural catheter in my back.. Well, they told me I could sit up, and right when the nurse said “You can sit up for now while we get the medicine ready to be inserted into the catheter” A contraction hit me that was harder than all of the others & I felt my body starting to push.. So I started screaming ‘GET A DOCTOR IN HERE! NOW! SHE’S COMING! IT’S TIME!” and she said “No it’s not – you’re lieing. You were just checked not even five minutes ago and you were only six centimeters. Now lay back so we can get this medicine put in the catheter and you’ll be fine.” Well, too late.. My body was taking over & I had no control.. I pushed again and it was a really big push and I felt like every single bone in my body and every limb was being ripped out of me..

I’m not going to go into too much more detail – just because most of it still gets me worked up and all. They ended up noticing that Sydni’s head was half way out, and the doctor who came in to deliver her the rest of the way had to help pull Sydni from me because Sydni’s cord was right beside her head and they were scared her cord might have been wrapped around her neck. When Sydni was born, she wasn’t crying at first and she was really blue – I’m not really sure what all they had to do because RIGHT after they pulled her out of me is when they inserted the medicine into the catheter and that’s when everything went numb – by the way, it wasn’t just waist down. My whole left side from my shoulders down went numb. I am very un-impressed with the care we received at the hospital this time during the delivery. On the delivery standpoint, the hospital I delivered Landon at is 100 times better. Sydni did not get a bottle until almost three hours after she’d been born because the dayshift nurse had taken it upon herself to tell the whole staff that we were breastfeeding (even after we had been telling her over and over that day we were NOT breastfeeding) and she kept telling us that the nursery was getting the formula for us (which they weren‘t) , they didn’t do the APGAR test or normal newborn procedures until about four hours after she’d been born, and they didn’t realize Sydni had low body temperature until (after I’d been trying to tell her for fifteen minutes) I finally yelled at the nurse to check her temperature – Sydni’s whole body was blue and just felt way too cold.. Nothing we did would keep her warm at all.

Sydni came into this world weighing 6lbs, 4 ounces & was 18 inches long. She was 10 ounces lighter and 1 inch shorter than her brother. But she is just as beautiful & is our second miracle. ❤

I’ll post another update later today when I have another chance to (: For now, here are a few pictures (:




2 thoughts on “Sydni Grace||Birth Story

  1. Oh my word! Giving birth isn’t easy anyway, but what a horrible experience! I can’t even imagine! I’m so glad that’s over for you and now you can just enjoy life with your adorable family. But seriously, I’m SO glad you went through that!!!!


    • Thank you! It really was not a pleasant experience this time around – I mean, like you said.. giving birth isn’t an easy experience anyway.. Is it worth it? Totally. But the nurse made the experience bad. Because of her not paying attention, my blood pressure and oxygen levels got super low (ontop of Sydni’s issues when she was born) I’ve had a super rough recovery from the tears I received (three total), but each day with Sydni and Landon just reminds me that even though the experience was not easy.. it was worth it. In the first post of the blog, I mentioned that Sydni would be our last child.. and that is still going to be the case – especially after the delivery of Sydni. Jerry (Husband) got way too scared during the complications.. which, I can’t really sit here and say I didn’t get scared either.


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