Life with Two Under Two

Well, as of Monday, I will have been a mother of two under two for a month. Especially since Sydni is our last child, I am not looking forward to her becoming a month old. This month has truly taught me a lot of things though.. It’s been a roller coaster!

Here’s a few things I have learned so far:

1. If you have two kids, you will be given two DIFFERENT appointments for well visits – which means you WILL indefinitely (unless someone is able to watch one) have to take BOTH children with you.

2. If one starts crying, rest assured if the one who started crying first does not calm down within two minutes, the other one will wake up crying as well.

3. I am not superwoman. Again, I am saying it, I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN! I can’t do 100 things at once. And no, I can’t keep the house perfectly clean every day. Or stay on top of laundry. I have to re prioritize my priorities – and guess what comes first (as always)? My children. Everything else can simply WAIT. If you have an issue with that, you can DEFINITELY lend me a hand or two and help out.. Otherwise, it’ll get done when I am finally able to get to it.

4. Baby blues SUCK. But I’m a little happy to know that I’m not the only mother with two under two who’s had a case of the baby blues. Honestly though, if you really think about it.. It’s a new life / routine that you have no other choice but to jump into head first. Don’t get me wrong – at all – I love our new life and our new routine, but it was REALLY exhausting the first couple of weeks. Two babies crying at the same time, BOTH needing to be fed, BOTH wanting their food RIGHT then, both also needing diaper changes on top of wanting to be fed.. Then, it took up until last week to finally get them on a napping schedule together – Sydni would go to sleep, and Landon would be up. Or Landon would go to sleep, Sydni would be up. This is my first week of actually getting SOME sleep. It’s a lot to take in at once, and for me.. It’s been really hard because I don’t have my mom here to help me/encourage me/tell me how in the world SHE did it. It’s something you HAVE to learn how to handle – but you’re not proper equipped at first. Would I change it? No, I wouldn’t, not for anything or anyone in this universe. I honestly felt guilty about how I was feeling (I was really overwhelmed at first..and exhausted.. And the nights I didn’t get ANY sleep made the blues even worse) until one of my friends told me that she went through the same thing when she had her son.. And that’s when I realized.. “Hey.. It’s okay.. It’s natural.. It’ll get better.” Thankfully, the crying part of the baby blues has subsided, but my anxiety is pretty high still.

5. If it CAN happen, it probably WILL happen, so be prepared ALWAYS for ANY scenario.

6. Don’t be an idiot – ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT!!! Honestly.. Jerry has all of a sudden picked up at work and this guy has called out and that guy has called out so he hasn’t’ really been home as much as I’m used to him being – it gets hard. I get burnt out pretty quickly when I try to handle both kids and everything else at the same time. I’m normally not one for asking for help, but I’ve had to learn how to suck it up and ask for help. I’m thankful for the people who have helped me out, and I hope they realize this.

Honestly, the list could go on.. And on.. And on.. But, hey, I’m slacking on blog posts so I want to make sure I get this one out (I promise, I’ll add onto that list as time goes!)

Now, just a teeeensy update!

Landon LOVES his little sister. He is ALL about his sister. Which makes me happy – I had been a little worried about a possible jealousy issue, but he has adjusted well. He helps out at feedings and tries to help out with her diaper changes. Though, at the feedings he “assists” with, he normally spends HIS time taking the bottle from Sydni and then giving it back (that little teaser!!) (: It’s really cute. I’m so happy he has adjusted well.

At our last appointment (which was Tuesday), Sydni weighed 7lbs 7 oz, so she’s gaining slowly. Landon is doing great too!

Now.. Me? I’m doing good, finally. I’ve had it a little rough since we came home – but its looking better. I’m set for my surgery on July 18th. Even though we knew that Sydni would be our last child (mutual agreement as mentioned in the first post on the blog), I’ve had a few issues when it comes to the surgery. =/ I mean.. I want another child.. But, especially after the delivery with Sydni, I’m like Jerry.. I really do not want to risk me not being here for them because I wanted to have another baby. I don’t know.. It’s just been one of those things that I’ve had to seriously sit there and talk out with Jerry to keep my head screwed on right (again, I blame the post partum hormones). God has truly blessed us with our children – and I am so thankful for the two children he has blessed our marriage with.. It’s just one of those things, you know?

Great note? I’ve lost 19 lbs so far since I had Sydni. 4 weeks = 19 lbs total. I just started a new weightloss regimen today (Thermoplus by AdvoCare!) so I’m excited to see what results I get with it considering I lost the 19lbs unintentionally! I’m back at the weight I was when Jerry & I got married!! (:

Well, motherhood calls.. I’ll do another post as soon as I’m able to! Until then, enjoy some more pictures (:





One thought on “Life with Two Under Two

  1. Awww, it sounds like you are doing great, even if it all is a little overwhelming! I’m expecting my first and sometimes feel overwhelmed, so I find it hard to imagine taking care of two babies right now. 🙂 But even if you aren’t superwoman, God definitely created us women to be strong!! So while it’s perfectly okay (and healthy) to cry, know that your best is enough and that your children will love you for being there for them!! 🙂


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