Feedback Needed Please

It has been an eventful two weeks – I’m exhausted. Pure. Exhausted. I love my life – believe me, I do. I love my children and my family more than anything else in this world. But… I am exhausted. I believe it’s normal to get in this stage where, every now and again, you’re like “I love you so very much… but please, LEAVE ME ALONE FOR RIGHT NOW!” Now now, this is NOTHING I would say to my children.. Ever. In fact, when I’m in my mood of just wanting some time to myself.. What do I do?

I take Sydni into the bedroom.. Shut the door.. Curl up on the bed and watch a movie. Of course, because of my exhaustion levels as of late.. I have not been able to make it through a movie.. (haha, I’m lucky if I get past the first five minutes…).. But, that’s what I do.

Why not Landon?

Landon has hit this stage where he’s “testing the waters” as I like to call it. You know – that stage where they’re not necessarily a baby and not EXACTLY a toddler either, they know a little bit from right from wrong, but they’re still curious as to what mommy/daddy will do if they just do this… or that? Yeah.. He’s in that stage. Oh, and teething. His mouth is growing teeth like a greenhouse grows flowers. Quick.. Yet painful… So, unfortunately… unless he is actually SICK… he’s not the best “be still and cuddle” partner right now. Honestly, I miss cuddling with my little man more than anything. On the other hand, it is exciting watching him grow into his own little person.  In my mind (and yes, you’ll probably think I’m being biased.. But seriously, I’m comparing him to a lot of kids that are, say, a year older to him) I think he is a very intelligent young man for his age. See, I KNOW he knows right from wrong… when he’s about to do something that is a “No-No” he looks at me with this BIG grin… and while he’s STILL looking at me with that most precious grin on his face.. He does the “No-No”

Examples of “No-No”s:
-Pulling up the door mat and covering our dog with it.
-Getting a hold of one of our phones
-Picking up someone’s glass
-Taking his sister’s paci and teasing her with it
-Taking mommy’s wallet and running from the living room to his room with it.

Those are just examples, but believe me.. He does those things on a regular basis. All with this BIG ‘ol grin too. My silly brave boy.

So why am I exhausted? I honestly believe I have a thyroid gland issue – or perhaps adrenal gland fatigue. I plan on going to the doctor sometime in September to get checked out… but that’s the only thing I can really place my exhaustion towards. Especially since I have actually been going to sleep before midnight, here recently.

On a side note, I’m still working on some great things for the blog (perhaps some giveaways maybe? Or a leak from my book that I am currently working on?) I’m getting excited over some progress that I’ve made recently with the “new” things coming.

 So, with that being said.. I would like for all of those who read this blog to send me an email with some feedback. If you would ever be so kindly to send me an email answering the following questions, I would really appreciate it..

Please send emails to

Question 01:
What would you like to see more of? (posts on family, posts centered around faith, writing? Etc? )

Question 02:
How long have you been reading the blog?

Question 03:
Is there anything you’d like to know about me?

Question 04:
Random comments/questions here if you have any (:


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