15 Facts about Me

So, I’ve received a lot of followers since I started this blog back in March. One of my “active” readers sent me an email and suggested I do a “Getting to know you” type of post. (By the way – “active reader” to me means one who comments and likes and gives feedback) I started to think and realized – wait a minute, after all of these people started following me.. there may be a few who do not really know me. So.. this post is dedicated to getting to know me. (:

  1. My name is Shelby. I was named after an Aunt on my dad’s side of the family. I live in Lexington, South Carolina – which happens to be the same place I was born and raised.
  2. I am twenty-two years old. My birthday is June 03.
  3. I am married – his name is Jerry. Jerry is twenty-two years older than I am, and he’s my best friend. Despite our age difference, he is my best friend and we have SO much in common. Honestly? He knows me better than I know myself sometimes.
  4. That being said – conceiving and having kids has not been an easy thing for us. We went through two miscarriages in 2011 and then two more in 2012. June 2012 I started a fertility medication called Clomid because after the miscarriage March 2012 (the same day my mother died..) My ovaries shut down and stopped ovulating. We conceived on the first round – with twins, in fact – however we miscarried them because I have a condition called MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) and I have to take baby asprin as well as Lovenox injections once we get pregnant. We went on another round of Clomid in August 2012, and we conceived Landon.
  5. With THAT being said, I’ll have you all know (in case you guys forgot!) Sydni was a BIG surprise to us (however, she was a complete blessing as well!!)
  6. I drink three different beverages a day – Sweet Tea, Rockstar Original Energy Drink, and Water. I try and equal the Water out to my Energy drink consumption – and I think I do pretty good at it. It’s a lot better than it used to be – I used to just drink energy drinks and NO water (that is a no-no..) and now I think I drink anywhere from a gallon of water to a gallon and a half of water a day.
  7. My favorite TV shows are as follows: Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Dallas, and The Last Ship.
  8. My favorite movies of 2014 (so far..) are as follows: God’s not Dead, Heaven is For Real, Divergent, Nonstop, Catching Fire, and Lone Survivor.
  9. I love to write – and I love to read. Writing helps me release stress – which it may not seem this way sometimes, but I am a person who has high stress levels and severe anxiety. I started this blog to help relieve stress while I was on bedrest during my pregnancy with Sydni. It also helps me keep certain family members/friends informed with what is going on in my life.
  10. My husband and I will be opening up our own wrecker service by Spring 2015. I am completely excited about it – yet at the same time, I’m so nervous because it’s a risk. We’ll still have money coming in because until he gets built up really good – he’s going to work for a local wrecker service at night – but nevertheless.. it’s still a risk. However, risk or not, it’s something both he and I just can’t pass up on or give up on. We’ve got to at least TRY. A lot of my family members do not agree with this – but that’s okay because it’s not their lives. We do have support from a few family members, and for that.. I am grateful.
  11. My favorite color is pink. My favorite color combo is pink. My top favorite colors are Pink, Blue (think tiffany blue), Grey, and Yellow.
  12. I have severe O.C.D. I clean (completely..) the house every time just one little thing gets out of place. So, I’m pretty much cleaning every day. I am very specific about my cleaning – my husband has tried to clean so I can take a break.. and as soon as I begin to watch him clean… these imaginary creepy crawlers run around my skin and I have to get him away from what he’s cleaning JUST so I can clean it instead. If it’s not cleaned a certain way, then it’s not clean at all…
  13. I am a happy person. I’m happy because I choose to be happy. I choose to be happy because I know what its like to be sad every day – I was on antidepressants when I was a teenager.. and quite frankly, they made my chemical imbalance WORSE. I do my best to stay away from negativity – and honestly? If you’re around positive people, you will become a positive person.
  14. I was supposed to get a surgery done in July that would have made it impossible for me to have children ever again. A year ago (after I had Landon) I was advised by that doctor not to have any more kids because of the risks. I switched doctors during my pregnancy with Sydni. Before the surgery, my husband and I sat down with the doctor because both of us were feeling as if the surgery was something that wasn’t supposed to happen – and we couldn’t shake the feeling. The doctor thinks we need to wait a couple of years before we try to get pregnant again (which, in quite honesty, we do not want another child for 3-5 more years.. if we even have another one), and I need to work on my health (I am what they call overweight – and I am losing weight.. however, just to be clear.. I am losing weight because *I* want to.. and I am losing weight to become healthier so I can be here for my children. I am VERY comfortable in my own skin.)
  15. I am a very friendly person. If you stick around here, you will see me open up about a lot of personal issues/details. And do not ever be hesitant to contact me – especially if you are one of my “active” readers/followers. I’m always looking to meet new friends (:

That’s all for now – because quite frankly.. I’m not very good at writing JUST about me (: ❤ Hope you guys enjoyed!


One thought on “15 Facts about Me

  1. I loved this!! And I have to say that we do have a lot in common! 🙂 (We most definitely watch the same types of movies and television series…and – like you – I enjoy being positive. Life is too short to be negative all the time). 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!!

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