Labor Day Weekend – Florida Trip

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! For my family, it was great. We took the weekend to go visit my eldest sister down in Florida (Tampa to be exact). Heather isn’t able to come home often, and when she is able to come home, honestly it feels to her as if it’s work instead of a vacation because of her being on the road so much trying to see both sides of the family – our dad’s and her mom’s. I can understand that, because it’s a big family if you add both sides in, and quite frankly.. hardly any of us live near each other (speaking of our dad’s side). The last time she came up to South Carolina was back in May; for Sydni’s birth and also our baby sister’s graduation. I was so happy to see her – but unfortunately I did not have anywhere near enough time with her. It was heartbreaking, to say the least. I started planning our mini trip to see her months ago – and though things did not go smoothly last week before we got on the road – we finally made it to see her!

The drive down was fine – except for a bit of bad weather we ran into about an hour after passing into Florida. Oh, wait, let me back up. I forgot to mention, it was six of us travelling all together – Dad, Steph (baby sister), Jerry, Landon, Sydni & myself. Tips for mothers with kids younger than mine, or soon to be mothers – DO NOT have the window near your child down when you’re going on an extended road trip. We were about an hour from Florida – and we had to (quickly) find a Walmart.


Because. I had the window near Landon cracked a little bit – and guess what Mr. Landon decides to do? He gets all curious – and throws his pacifier out the window.


The only one we brought, by the way.

He threw it out the window. Oh, and you want to know why else it was SO important we stop right then at a Walmart? Because, upon seeing he would NOT get the pacifier back, he started throwing a tantrum. On top of that, he was teething, had a double ear infection, and sadly had the hands/foot/mouth disease.

Anyways, the trip took about ten hours all together – which was expected with both little ones. We got down there, and let me just say this: it was relaxing.


Jerry works his hiney off every day – making sure that I do not have to return to work any time soon so I can go to school and focus on the children – and this was something he really needed. He needed to get away, and I was not blind to that fact.

Saturday was pretty much spent relaxing. Well, everyone else was relaxing. I was doing half and half – because I had homework to do for all of my classes. Honestly, while we were in Florida – I was never in a bad mood. I wasn’t cranky or anything. I was able to meet Heather’s new boyfriend / friend that is a boy who she has strong feelings for. He seems to be a great guy – and let me just say this.. BOTH of my children love him. Landon is not one to take to strangers easily – but the moment he met Josh.. it was as if he had known him for ever.

Sunday – our last day – was spent at the Tampa Bay Aquarium and touring the USS American Victory WWII Troop Carrier. It was pretty neat – I enjoyed the tour because it was pretty much the same type of ship my father served on during the Vietnam. Everyone had a great time at the Aquarium, as well.

So, that was my weekend, what did everyone else do?





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