Happy Grandparents Day!!

Today is Grandparents Day, and in honor of Grandparents Day, I decided to dedicate this post to my Grandparents. To be honest with you guys – I technically grew up having two grandmothers and three grandfathers. I had one whole set of grandparents on my father’s side – the one’s I actually called “Grandma” and “Grandpa”. I honestly do not remember much about either of them, they died when I was young. I’ve heard stories and seen photographs – what I do remember of them, I miss entirely. It seems like my father’s side of the family fell apart when we lost Grandma. She was the Matriarch of that part of the family. She held everyone together and gave everyone a reason for being in contact with one another.

She would have loved my children. And despite my grandfather being a tough old man on the outside, he was a big softie on the inside. He loved us all in his own way. Though I can’t remember much about either of them, I do miss them and I get sad often that I won’t have another chance to help my grandmother plant flowers in her back or front yard – or that I won’t be able to go over to her house the day after Thanksgiving again to help her decorate her Christmas Tree. With my grandfather, I miss listening to the country station on his radio in his kitchen. I miss staying up with him all night long watching baseball games because he was a night owl – he slept during the day and stayed up during the night – because he was still on the time for his shift at the Old Cotton Mill.

My mother’s side – I have one Grandmother (who I call Nanny) and two Grandfather’s (Home & Grandpa Bobby). The only living grandparent on my mother’s side is my Nanny.

My Nanny is my nanny. She’s the one who pulled me up off the floor after I collapsed upon finding out my mother had passed away. She was there for my wedding day – and she was there throughout everything I went through with Landon. She is the reason I found my faith – and she is the reason I came to know GOD. She is the reason, I believe, that every time I have lost my way off the path.. I have found it again. She is a kind, gentle, loving soul. I am grateful for her. I am grateful that even though I miss my mom and I ache to have my mother here with me – I am grateful that she is here. She helps me as much as she can with the children – she’s not in perfect health, but she does what she can. With Jerry being gone a lot and me being the one who takes care of the finances, doctor appointments, house, laundry and all.. it gets rough sometimes. It’s very hard to keep your house clean and do laundry and make important phone calls AND go out for a little bit during the week to pay bills AND go to school on top of raising two BEAUTIFUL children under the age of two years old.

I love my children – anyone who knows me KNOWS that my children are my life. The reason I am pushing myself in school IS because of my children. I am bettering myself for them. I am pushing myself for them. However, with everything I have to do.. it is rough. To be honest, we still have not adjusted to the new schedule we have been on for two weeks. However – my grandmother taking care of Landon during the day whenever she feels up to it… it is a big relief to me and it means so much to me. I would never pass up time with either of my kids – but I can’t sit around all day and do nothing either. Dishes pile up. Bills pile up. The list of important phone calls that need to be made grows. Laundry piles up to the point that no one has a pair of clean underwear for the next day. I know why she gets Landon – for her own reasons. She and my son have a special bond – and deep down, I know exactly what that bond is. Now, I may get jealous over it, especially when it comes to him getting blood taken from him while she’s at the appointment with us and afterwards he wants her instead of me.. but I understand it.. and I love it. I cherish it. She is my grandmother. She has taught me so many things over the years – it is impossible to name them all. And now, she is the only grandmother my children will ever know. My grandmother is one of the three women I pray each night to be like – at least in some kind of way. Her strength for everything she has endured over the years amazes me, and I hope that a little bit of her faith and strength lies within me.

My grandfather’s – Home & Grandpa Bobby. I never knew Grandpa Bobby – not like I should have. And after hearing a few family tales… I was angry with him for a while. However. I forgive him. I forgive him because my mother forgave him – and I forgive him because I refuse to let my soul be angry with someone who never took the time to do what he should have done – which was be a grandfather to me. I hope he is at peace and hopefully in Heaven.. but that is all I can say on that man..

Homer. Homer IS my grandfather. He is truly the only grandfather I have ever known on my mother’s side of the family. Homer passed away when I was five years old – and I miss him so much. He’s one of the people I sit there every now and then and just think about how he would be with Landon or with Sydni. I like to think that he’d take Landon for a few rides in his old, blue, pickup truck. He was a great grandfather – and he was my

Nanny’s true love. He certainly did not have to be – but he really was my grandfather in my mind…even if he wasn’t truly my blood related grandfather.


Grandparents come in all shapes and sizes. Some are not biologically related. Some are. Enjoy the time you have with your grandparents – you never know when their time may be up. To be honest, I’m extremely surprised my Nanny is 80 years old.


Happy Grandparents Day, everyone ❤ Go spend time with your grandparents!! (If you’re able to!)






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