That September Day..


Thirteen years ago today, a horrible day happened for our country. September 11, 2001. Even though I was nine years old at the time, I still remember where I was. I was in fourth grade, and our teacher was late coming back from her planning period. The moment she got back, however – we were informed we were being dismissed early. Everyone was put into buses, and we were drove home. I walked into my cousin’s house – and I saw it on the news. Our country was under attack. I heard about the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and That Pennsylvania Field. Even though I was nine years old, my heart fell. I panicked because I wasn’t sure where my sister was at the time. She had joined the Marines earlier that year – and I knew she was near the Pentagon but I wasn’t sure where. I called my mother at work trying to find out if she’d heard from Heather – and she was still trying to get in touch with her. We didn’t hear from Heather until later that night– but thankfully.. she was well.

I am a die hard American. I am very proud of being an American. I am one of those who [when able to] try and decorate for each holiday – including the Patriotic Holidays. I [when given the chance] go all out – inside and outside. Today… I do nothing but sit in remembrance. Today, I do nothing but pray – I pray for the lives lost.. and I pray for the families. I pray for what is going on over in Iraq and Afghanistan. I pray for the soldiers, away from their homes and families, fighting to protect OUR freedom. Because, whether certain people want to believe it or not..

That’s what they’re doing.

They’re protecting us.

They’re making sure that THEY (Isis) do not come over here. They’re making sure that WE, as AMERICANS, remain FREE.

Today, I have only a few simple requests for everyone:

Tell your loved ones you love them

Pray for the lives lost on September 11th 2001

Pray for the survivors from September 11th

Pray for the American’s fighting overseas

And if you happen to see one today.. Thank a Soldier… Thank a Police Officer… Thank a Firemen…

Do not forget what being an American is about.



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