Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my father’s sixty fifth birthday! Thankfully he’s been in a good mood, because you know, every now and then life gets you down a little bit. With his age, my father has turned into one of those that freak out over every little mishap, mainly due to the bills. Don’t get me wrong, bills stress me out too, but I’ve realized this:

Bills will always be there.

It’s true – you can pay off your house, your car, finance companies, credit cards… But no matter what? You’re always going to have either a light bill, water/sewer bill or possibly even a cable/internet bill. So, not matter what, bills will be there until the day you die. So, instead of worrying myself sick over it, I figure a way to make sure things get paid and that’s it. I do my best to block it out. I grew up watching my mother worry to death over bills… I refuse to be that way with my children.


But, my father is now sixty five years old! And he has had a great day today! That’s pretty much all that’s going on right now – other than school and the children. Midterms are coming up in about two weeks, so posts might be REALLY slow over the next two weeks, but I promise I will make it up after midterms!


Other than all of that, I have some very unfortunate news. My camera died. But, the good part about that? That just means once I get through midterms I get a new camera…as long as bills are paid, of course!




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