I’m a Sucker for J-Hooks

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4:13 Longview


So, last week (this past Sunday, to be exact), I was able to actually go out with Jerry for a little bit! Honestly, we’ve been together for almost four years, married for 2 ½ years, and I haven’t gone out on a few calls with him since a month after we were married. He left his long time job in Columbia, so that we could move in with my dad – and from there, things got a bit complicated.

Now, before he left his original job, I was pretty much able to go out with him any time I wanted to (as long as my work schedule permitted it). He did private impounds at that job, and I loved it. Honestly, I got a thrill off of it, especially when I was able to help him hook up a car and a moped. Actually, he LET ME hook the moped…

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