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Feedback Needed Please

It has been an eventful two weeks – I’m exhausted. Pure. Exhausted. I love my life – believe me, I do. I love my children and my family more than anything else in this world. But… I am exhausted. I believe it’s normal to get in this stage where, every now and again, you’re like […]

Life with Two Under Two

Well, as of Monday, I will have been a mother of two under two for a month. Especially since Sydni is our last child, I am not looking forward to her becoming a month old. This month has truly taught me a lot of things though.. It’s been a roller coaster! Here’s a few things […]

Landon’s First Birthday Party

Maybe it’s because of how much time Landon spent in the hospital after he was born, but I can’t believe my sweet precious baby will be one tomorrow. We celebrated his birthday yesterday with a small (okay – it wasn’t small.. but it was all family members) birthday party – and it was a success. […]

State of the Baby Making Machine – 38 weeks, 4 Days

Hey guys! Sorry I’m so late with this post – it’s been a rough week for me. Thankfully, my blood pressure has become “stable” – it’s still NOT in the exact normal range, but it’s not as high as it was last week. That is one good thing. I’m still at 1cm dilated, 0% effaced […]